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Two romantic comedies, “Coach” and “Taking Chances” have been picked up by Lightning Entertainment. The Santa Monica-based production and distribution company will debut the films in Cannes, Lightning’s co-presidents Rich Goldberg and Richard S. Guardian announced Monday. The deal for “Coach” was negotiated by Rich Goldberg and Lightning corporate counsel Megan Holstein on behalf of Lightning and Lemore Syvan on behalf of Yeah Players Films. “Taking Chances” was acquired by Lightning Senior VP of Acquisitions Joseph Dickstein who negotiated with Megan Holstein on behalf of Lightning with Larry Furlong and Kyle Dean Jackson on behalf of Two Roads Entertainment and Tunnel, Inc.

“Taking Chances,” screening in the Marche du Film, is directed by Talmage Cooley from a script by Annie Nocenti. In the film, Chase Revere (Justin Long) discovers that a Native American casino is about to be built in his decaying hometown. As the self-appointed protector of the small town’s rather meager place in American history, Chase joins forces with a wild but sexy girl (Emmanuelle Chriqui) to launch an all-out war against the project. Along the way, the duo earn the wrath of the entire town – whose well-meaning but simple citizens believe that the casino will save their local economy – and get an education about hope, love, heartbreak and how history is really written.

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