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Fans of HBO’s “Entourage” are going to be seeing a little bit more of guest star Emmanuelle Chriqui this season.

The actress, who plays Sloan on the series, said the story lines will go a bit deeper with her character – and others, for that matter.

“I feel like all of the characters are evolving this season. Everyone is growing and growing up,” Chriqui told the Daily News. “Priorities have changed a little bit, which happens in life, and these guys are realizing that there are other things, besides work and movies, that are really important, too.”

Returning July 12 at 10:30, “Entourage” stars Adrien Grenier as Vincent Chase, a Hollywood actor who surrounds himself with pals from his childhood in Queens. Kevin Connolly, Kevin Dillon, Jerry Ferrara and Jeremy Piven also star.

Chriqui’s Sloan is the on-again, off-again girlfriend of Connolly’s character, Eric. Their relationship status going into the new season is currently “off.”

“There’s definitely more drama between Eric and Sloan, but that’s really what it’s always been,” said Chriqui.

“However, this time we discover a lot more about Sloan – who she is, what she does for a living,” said Chriqui. “We get a more in-depth view of who she is than ever before.”

Since launching, “Entourage” has been known for blockbuster celebrities showing up for cameos, and this season will be no different. Chriqui said this week Matt Damon and LeBron James both stopped by to film parts.

“It was awesome. Everyone was so excited to have them there,” she said. “There was a buzz all day long.”

Damon and James are just two of many who will pop up on the satirical dramedy this season, the show’s sixth. 50 Cent, Zac Efron, Kanye West, Lil’ Wayne, Aaron Sorkin, Tom Brady, Matt Letscher, William Fichtner and Scott Caan are all also scheduled to drop by.

Chriqui has guest-starred on the HBO series since season two, while also balancing a film career. She stars in two movies due out this year, “Women in Trouble” and the thriller “13.”

The role of a lifetime, however, has yet to come knocking.

“I haven’t shown the world exactly what I can do yet,” Chriqui said. “With acting, you’re always trying to find what excites you, what you haven’t explored yet – and there’s a lot I haven’t explored. I’m waiting for that character that I can really sink my teeth into and lose myself in, and make people go, ‘Whoa.'”

Meanwhile, however, Chriqui busies herself raising awareness for the women and children of the Congo, and is also having a blast with her “brothers,” as she calls the mostly male cast of “Entourage.”

“Whenever I get to shoot an episode, it always feels like I’m going to visit family,” she said. “They’re such gentlemen, such good guys.”

Thanks to Dan for the heads up about the article!

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