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I found two different articles today that mention Emmanuelle and her character from “Entourage”, Sloan. They are kind of spoiler-ish, so please read with caution… The main thing is that we get MORE Sloan in this season, its coming up. So yay!

Katrina in Michigan: Ugh! Eric and Sloan are killing me. Will he ever get rid of Ashley and be with the right lady?
You mean you’re not loving E’s Miley Cyrus look-alike love? Ditto. While we don’t have a ton on what’s coming up with Sloan and E (Kevin Connolly), Emmanuelle Chriqui says this: “There’s resolution [and] unexpected surprises.” But don’t forget, Kate Mara is still on the way as Eric’s new employee and possible love, so who knows when this resolution finally occurs.

From E! Online

Speaking of Eric, Emmanuelle Chriqui, who played his love interest Sloan, had previously revealed that not only will her character be back for Entourage season 6 (since we’ve already seen that – the very familiar “friends first” route), the ongoing season will be when E will learn the most about her. Ultimately, she will come between his new love interest, neighbor-vixen Ashley.

From Buddy TV

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