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Emmanuelle is part of the Braun BodycruZade!

Emmanuelle Chriqui, star of HBO’s Entourage, has partnered with the new Braun bodycruZer to launch a Web site dedicated to male bodygrooming. She’ll serve as the “voice” of the online women’s movement to get more guys to groom below the neck. Can you believe that only one-third of guys claim to wax, trim or shave below the chest now? Emmanuelle will post blog entries to the site on a weekly basis and encourage women to share their thoughts about the posts and other male bodygrooming topics as well as praise the men in their lives who are dedicated to good bodygrooming habits by sending them a customizable Mr. bodycruZer video starring Emmanuelle. Men can also get in on the bodygrooming conversation by posting comments to the site and by showing off their well-groomed – or not so well-groomed – bodies by entering the Mr. bodycruZer online contest.
In addition to the Mr. bodycruZer video, Emmanuelle is also featured in a tongue-in-cheek video that introduces the movement. Check it out – www.bodycruZade.com – and let the bodygrooming begin!

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