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Actress Emmanuelle Chriqui said she is nothing like her character, Sloan McQuewick, on the U.S. TV series “Entourage.”

Chriqui, whose newest film “Women in Trouble” is due out in U.S. theaters, said her character on the HBO series represents a man’s ideal woman in terms of temperament and other attributes, the New York Daily News said Sunday.

“I think it’s a man’s version of their dream woman, especially in temperament. She’s likable and smart, and I think she is fabulous, but she’s nothing like me,” Chriqui, 31, said. “I tend to fly off the handle much more than she does.”

While Chriqui’s new film will be released on Friday, the actress is hard at work filming a new film in Georgia of the former Soviet Union.

She told the Daily News that filming with director Renny Harlin in Georgia has been a unique experience.

“The people, the food, the culture, the music — it’s fantastic. We’re here at a very interesting time. The country is trying to find its footing now that it is independent of Russia,” Chriqui said. “I’m really loving it.”

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