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No wedding takes place between characters Eric and Sloan on season seven of Entourage, at least “not yet,” Emmanuelle Chriqui told HollywoodLife.com exclusively June 15 at the Fashion Delivers “Pay It Fashion Forward” Forever 21 Fundraiser at Lucky Strike Lanes & Lounge in NYC. Despite the engagement that took place last season, could it be that Emmanuelle is getting tired of playing her down-on-luck in love character, Sloan?

Well, rumor has it that The CW is looking for a new lady to play a French love interest for Ed Westwick’s character Chuck Bass — and Emmanuelle might be at the top of the list for the role!

“I had no idea [that I was being considered for the role],” Emmanuelle gushed when we asked her about the situation. “Really … It’s the first I’ve heard of it, [but] it could be interesting. It would depend on what the script was like!”

Sounds like Emmanuelle might be getting tired of waiting for her character’s love life to finally straighten out on Entourage. “There’s a couple of surprises” this season, Emmanuelle said. “I’m thinking about what I’ve read already” and a wedding is “probably not” going to happen, even though the show is still filming.

If a wedding does end up taking place, however, Emmanuelle does have an idea of what Sloan’s big day would be like: “It’ll be big and beautiful I imagine,” she said, “because her dad would want it that way!”

Could it be that executive producer Mark Wahlberg is saving the wedding for the Entourage movie?

If so, Emannuelle would have plenty of time to play Chuck’s new girlfriend on Gossip Girl. Season four begins shooting at the end of July in both Paris and NYC.

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