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If you’re a man with a pulse, Emmanuelle Chriqui really needs no introduction. The most desirable woman of 2010 according to AskMen readers and the best reason to tune in to Entourage every week, Chriqui has recently added two more entries to her impressive resume: 1) Star of the biggest video game in history, Call of Duty: Black Ops; and, 2) Holiday gift expert for AskMen readers. With regard to the latter job title, Emmanuelle Chriqui took time out of her busy schedule promoting the Top 10: Reasons To Check Out Call Of Duty: BlackOps, to help men pick out the best gift ideas for their significant others. Here are the top five gifts to get your girlfriend, as picked by Emmanuelle Chriqui.

No.5 – A surprise romantic evening

“On the romantic side, surprising your girlfriend with a romantic evening at home when she least expects it is always amazing. Cook dinner, have flowers and run a bath with flower pedals inside, and light candles everywhere. It will totally take her breath away.”

No.4 – Your top five books/films

“I love the idea that if your boyfriend is a film buff or a book buff, or whatever he’s into, he buys his girlfriend his top five films or top five books and shares them with his lady — especially if his lady loves films and books as well. It’s nice when he really thought out, ‘These are my top five.'”

No.3 – Her dream shoes

“For sure, I like a great pair of shoes. Investigate your girlfriend’s closet and ask her friends, but most guys know pretty quickly when their girl is into shoes and which designers she likes.”

No.2 – A weekend vacation

“Plan a weekend vacation as a gift. Out here in California, there’s a place called the Post Mansion in Big Sur, which is the most beautiful, romantic, eco-friendly place. It’s just amazing. That would be a really extravagant gift to give your special lady.”

No.1 – A spa day

“You can never go wrong with a gift certificate for spa treatments. Every girl loves it. You can never go wrong with those. Whether your girlfriend is into mani-pedis or massages or scrubs or a weekend away at a spa retreat — this gift tops my list.”


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