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Entourage may be a show about dudes, but whenever Emmanuelle Chriqui steps onto the screen, all eyes are on her. And now you’ve got two new excuses to gaze longingly at the French/Jewish/Moroccan beauty. She’s playing a stripper in the web flick Girl Walks into a Bar and a prostitute in the pregnant porn star indie Elektra Luxx. Which just happens to feature smokin’ hot Sapphic scenes with fellow hottie Adrianne Palicki. Don’t bite your fist yet. That vid isn’t till the end of this Q&A about her killer name, what it’s like to kiss a girl, and what she finds attractive in, yeah, dudes.

MADE MAN: You have pretty much the coolest, sexiest name ever. So how much time do you spend correcting people on pronouncing it?
EMMANUELLE CHRIQUI: Oh, on average, a couple times a day!

MM: How differently do you think your life would have turned out if you had been named, say, Gertrude Snodgrass?
EC: That is hilarious. I don’t even know. That just wouldn’t even seem fair. I mean Gertrude…Gerty, that’s not that cute!

MM: In Elektra Luxx, there’s a scene where they talk about how we pine away to be in love yet complain when we are in it. What’s your take on that?
EC: I think it’s true. I think it’s sort of the theory, the grass is always greener. You’re single and you want to be with someone. Then, when you’re with someone you’re like, ‘oh, I want my freedom.’ If you are in a relationship, I think the ones that work are the ones that you allow each other just freedom. It’s not 24 hours a day, seven days a week that you are in each others’ faces.

MM: What does sexy mean to you?
EC: It’s when you can be confident and own it. I think the least sexy thing is seeing a woman that’s kind of really super, super insecure. I don’t mean self-deprecating, because that’s kind of funny to me; I kind of love that. But someone who is really insecure, it really just isn’t sexy. So, there’s a certain amount of confidence that I think makes sexy.

MM: What attracts you in a guy?
EC: A sense of humor, sensitivity, gentleness, and adventure.

MM: There are some very sexy scenes with your costar, Adrianne Palicki, both in the dream she has about you and the kiss you share. How was that for you? Were you very comfortable?
EC: I was! It was so comfortable doing the dance with Adrianne because you don’t have any of that sexual tension that you do if I were to have done that lap dance for some young guy. With Adrianne, it was like she was my cheerleader—she was egging me on! We just had a blast. By the way, it was not easy for her to just sit there too, straight-faced, and be having this half-naked girl all over her! I think we’re just a really good team. So, that also bleeds into the kissing scene in the bathroom. When we ultimately have to kiss, all you’re left with is that it was really fun. Like: ‘Wow your lips are really soft!’ None of that, ‘oh my God, are you feeling something?!’ It wasn’t weird like you get oftentimes with a male counterpart.

MM: So we’ve got to know. Do girls kiss better than guys?
EC: Oh, it’s just very different. I don’t think there’s a “better.” I think a kiss is all about the emotion. When you can kiss someone and you’re madly in love, that kiss is…well, you can’t compare that kiss.

MM: Now in Girl Walks Into a Bar, what did you learn from being a stripper?
EC: Well, interestingly enough, with this movie, there was just over an one hour of actually having to be in this gold little number. My character, Theresa The Astonishing, though she is a stripper, she doesn’t let it define her at all. It’s just like her imaginary world of what happens when she walks on the stage and the power that she possesses and her sort of revenge, if you will, which is so funny.

MM: In Entourage, you finally got your boyfriend to commit to a full-time ring on the finger relationship. Why do you think it’s so hard for men and women to commit?
EC: I just don’t know that it’s everybody’s cup of tea anymore. I think that nowadays, people don’t even know if they necessarily want to get married and do the whole traditional thing. I think there’s just such a stigma for the guy, and the girl is like ‘Is this my forever?’ Now listen, some people have good fortune…my best friend definitely found her soul mate. The idea of forever to them was easy as pie. No problem. So, I guess it just sort of depends. I guess when it’s right, it’s right. And when it’s not, it kind of freaks you out, maybe.


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