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When we last saw Sloan, she was driving away after a bout of breakup sex, bidding her ex-fiancé, E, a tearful goodbye before leaving LA for New York City.

And here she is! Well, not precisely Sloan — the stunning brunette of HBO’s “Entourage” — but Emmanuelle Chriqui (pronounced “Shrieky”), who plays her.

The 33-year-old Moroccan Jewish beauty is making her NY stage debut in off-Broadway’s “Love, Loss, and What I Wore.” Through Sept. 4, she’ll recite dishy, clothes-centered monologues, from the joy of stilettos to the thrill of being a lesbian bride.

It’s a big 180 from the testosterone-fest that is “Entourage,” now in its eighth and final season. On it, Chriqui’s Sloan is the perfect girlfriend: gorgeous, grounded — but not above suggesting a threesome with her E and her BFF.

At the Westside Theatre last week, the Montreal native was sparkly eyed and affectionate, occasionally making her points with a touch of her hand. (Guys, eat your hearts out.) She graciously answered our superficial questions.

What’s the sexiest thing you own?

My ripped jean-shorts. They’re really worn in — the pocket linings hang out the bottoms, and I love that I can wear them with my flip-flops or a silky blouse and high heels. It’s a nice juxtaposition.

OK, let’s try again. What have you worn that elicited gasps of appreciation?

Probably a red strapless minidress. Red corresponds to your chakras — red is power. So when you wear a red minidress, people just go, “Whoa!”

Can outerwear seem sexy?

Oh, yeah. Long black leather trench coats — it’s so sexy when you can belt it and then take it off and have something all nice underneath.

What looks best on a man?

I love a good scarf. I love it when a man can wear, like, a T-shirt, jeans and a blazer and just throw on, haphazardly, a scarf. I just think it’s so sexy.

We’re talking straight guys?

Yes, absolutely. Well, both!

We hear you have a longtime boyfriend. What three words best describe him?

Sweet, hilarious, witty. No! Make that sweet, hilarious, intelligent.

When did you realize your name’s the same as that of a soft-core porn flick?

I’ve been reminded of it my entire life. People think they are the first to ask me when they ask me if I know what it is. I guess I became aware of it in my teens, and now I just blatantly tell people they aren’t original when they bring it up.

On to “Entourage.” Who’s the sexiest guy on the set?

It’s so hard to say just one, because they’re my brothers! I have this special connection with each one. Kevin Connolly, my E, we are such great friends outside of work. He’s who I’ve done 90 percent of my stuff with, so it’s him by default.

Who draws the most groupies?

Adrian [Grenier], for sure. I don’t see him much on set, but I know from Twitter that the girls go crazy, crazy for Adrian. He definitely has that demographic down. Young to old, they all just love those eyes.

Have any of these guys hit on you?

No, no, no! These guys are my brothers.


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