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For most of us, the idea of a healthy and sustainable lifestyle is something that exists only in a utopian society, a world far from the one we have now. But with the current shift in perspective prompted by repercussions that stem from a wasteful and unhealthy way of living, people are slowly realizing the importance of caring not only for themselves but for the environment as well.

Getting the idea to stick to mainstream consciousness is not an easy task. Although many organizations have dedicated time and effort in raising awareness on sustainability, it also helps that people see role models who can attest to the benefits of adapting the lifestyle. Hollywood A-lister Emmanuelle Chriqui is one of these role models who’s proud to share their views on eco-friendly living.

During a recent phone interview with Asian reporters, Chriqui revealed that she owes her inclination towards green living to her upbringing. Raised in an organic home, the actress had a deep understanding of the lifestyle which she continues to observe today.

“I grew up in a home where my mother always had a beautiful garden and made things from scratch. I think I’ve always had an appreciation of where food comes from,” Chriqui said. The actress makes it a point to eat healthy which is why she tries to observe a vegan diet.

From common practice, Chriqui found that the concept soon grew into a consciousness and a general concern for the environment. “I think that organically it just occurred to me that we need to take care of the planet, because if we don’t there would be nothing left for us and there would be nothing left for our children,” Chriqui enthused.

Chriqui believes that, in her own ways, she is contributing a lot to this green revolution. “This just became one of the things where once you learn about it and the more you learn, the more you practice. Things like recycling, eliminating the use of water bottles, conserving energy, driving a Prius (Toyota Hybrid), being 80 percent vegetarian has a tremendous effect on the environment and as well as your health,” Chriqui explained.

The actress also reveals her satisfaction with the way the community has started a movement which the rest of the world, including the entertainment industry, has been willing to adapt. “It’s just something I’m passionate about and excited to see that there’s really a movement. Certainly here in Hollywood, there is a giant movement to turn the industry green,” Chriqui shared.

If there is any ounce of concern left for the future, there’s no denying that going green is the only way to move forward. While we are long ways before we can come close to regaining what was lost from generations of abuse, it’s good to know that there are people out there making a difference in the world. While Emmanuelle Chriqui’s situation might be just a drop in an endless ocean, this speck creates ripples that reach far and deep. “It just excites me. I just think that it’s the wave of the future and I hope that people would just jump on board because without mother earth we don’t have anything.”


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