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Things are heating up for The Mentalist season finale, and not just because Patrick Jane is in Las Vegas after another failed attempt to defeat Red John. Entourage star Emmanuelle Chriqui steams up the concluding episode of The Mentalist’s fourth season as she guest-stars as a cocktail waitress at a Las Vegas night club.

Chriqui, who has previously worked with Simon Baker (“Patrick Jane”) on the film Women in Trouble, revealed that her character on the show is unlike any character that she has ever played. “What I love about her…is that what you see is not what you get,” she said.

The Canadian actress’ character, “Lorelei Martins,” encounters Patrick Jane at the bar of a nightclub, where Jane tells her that he is a con man, which is quite the opposite of his current position as a criminal consultant. Jane is feeling down after another failed attempt to defeat Red John, a serial killer who is though to have killed his wife and daughter, so his sincerity in calling himself a con man is unknown.

“In the previous episode [my character] went haywire,” Baker recapped. “We jump to six months later and [he is] hulled-up in a dodgy motel room in Vegas and in a rapid emotional and spiritual decline.”

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