Mar 26, 2022 Jennifer Comments Off on “Superman & Lois” Renewed for Season 3 at The CW
March 26, 2022  •  Jennifer  •  Comments Off on “Superman & Lois” Renewed for Season 3 at The CW

Great news, Superman & Lois has been renewed for season 3!

Fans of the Man of Steel will be delighted to learn that Superman & Lois is returning for a new season at The CW. This announcement comes alongside a slew of other renewals as the network prepares for the 2022-2023 programming season. Since its debut, Superman & Lois has been a success for the network with fans praising the new iteration of the iconic hero and critics appreciating the optimism and sincerity of the show. Additionally, given the network’s commitment to the ‘Arrowverse’ shows, this renewal does not come as a surprise.

Superman & Lois tells a more grounded story of the larger-than-life superhero with a focus on his family life with the famed reporter, Lois Lane, and their children. The first season drives this home as it chronicles the family’s return to Smallville. However, their new lives are interrupted by the introduction of The Stranger, and Morgan Edge’s evil schemes. The second season of the show took bolder steps in plot lines and storytelling with the introduction of Bizarro, and the Inverse Method cult. However, the season made efforts to not lose its grounded approach to telling the characters’ stories. While story details of the upcoming season have not been released at the moment, it is expected that the third season will keep in tandem of humanizing the god-like hero.

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