Actresses Amy Smart, Eva Amurri, Dawn Olivieri, and Emmanuelle Chriqui ask Gov. Jerry Brown to make a “clean break” with fossil fuels and commit to replacing the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station with 100% clean energy. Clean energy creates jobs, cleans up the environment, and it’s how we’re going to grow our economy in a sustainable way. That’s the commitment we should make.

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#WhatTheFrack? Celebrities are urging President Obama and lawmakers to protect our air, water and public health from the dangerous effects of fracking. Join the movement. Together we can #BanFrackingNow! Visit for more.

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Actress and EMA Young Hollywood Board member Emmanuelle Chriqui recently partnered with Green Works to bring awareness to The Reverse Graffiti Project, an epic urban cleaning initiative that reaches beyond the surface. Armed with the plant-based Green Works products, Japanese muralist Mr. Kiji transformed a busy (and very dirty) LA underpass into a beautiful work of art. If Green Works products can erase years of pollution to reveal eye-catching works of art, then imagine what it can do in your home.

Check out the Q&A below with Emmanuelle to learn more about this revolutionary project.

The campaign is all about small, everyday choices making a big impact. What are some of the ways you do this in your day-to-day routine?
I think small changes can be the most realistic because it can ease people in if they are just taking their first steps to be more environmentally conscious. I drive a hybrid car, recycle, take my reusable shopping bags to the store, buy organic and local, avoid using bottled water, among other steps.

The Reverse Graffiti Gallery includes installations from a LA underpass to the Broadway Tunnel in San Francisco; which is your favorite?
I think they are all pretty amazing, and I love the fact that you created art by removing the dirt from the walls in an environmentally sustainable way.

Do you have any tips for people who are wanting to make a change but don’t know where to start?
Everyone should try the things they are comfortable with – and home is a good place to start. We have daily green tips on to help get you started.

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Emmanuelle Chriqui is one of the celebrities supporting The Reverse Graffiti Project. Check out what the project is about and a video featuring Emmanuelle below!

Reverse graffiti, or “clean tagging,” is a method of creating art by removing dirt and grime from a filthy surface. This unique art form taps into the Green Works mantra that cleaning can be beautiful. Thus, The Reverse Graffiti Gallery was born.

We set out to find a dirty place in L.A. that needed some love. After searching hundreds of blocks, we found the perfect place. And on May 29th, we’ll use Green Works cleaning products to create unique pieces of art.

But we’re not working alone. We’ve found the perfect artist to partner with—a true pioneer of the reverse graffiti method. Together we’re going to turn one grimy alley into an inviting and beautiful place for the community to enjoy.

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*NSYNC’s Lance Bass and Entourage’s Emmanuelle Chriqui are in a battle to see who can raise the most money for their favorite charity, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital or Colon Cancer Canada. The Power of 2 (, a charity initiative dedicated to unlocking celebrity power for social good,has wrangled the star studded pair to duke it out for their debut American P2 match-up — and there’s a catch, the loser has to perform a crazy stunt.

The Power of 2 allows celebrities to go beyond the red carpet and use social media as a tool to make meaningful social impact and educate their fans. And, the bet will make things very interesting. Fans can donate $2 or more to Emmanuelle and Lance’s favorite charity at as many times as they would like up till midnight on Thursday, June 14 to see who will be crowned the Power of 2 champion.

Oooh! Competition for a good cause? We likey.

Both charities will win, but the celebrity loser will have to cash in during a very public dare. If Emmanuelle wins, Lance will dress up as PooFu the dog (a costume he wore for one of his first jobs in Laurel, Mississippi) and Emmanuelle will walk him through LA’s Runyon Canyon, the area’s most popular hiking and dog walking spot.

“I lost my mother to colon cancer at a very young age and my father continues to battle the disease,” states Emmanuelle. “This is a cause very close to my heart, and it’s a preventable cancer if caught in time. That’s why I’ve made it my mission to promote awareness and take the shame out of getting tested. And this spring I’m looking forward to this Power of 2 competition, earning the most donations and taking Lance on a good long walk.”

But if Lance wins, Emmanuelle will have to hit the stage and sing with Steel Panther at the House of Blues on Sunset Boulevard and face that all too common fear, even for an accomplished actor, singing in public!

“I know Emmanuelle has a real fear of singing in public, so if I’m going to win this Power of 2 wager I want to see her hit the stage,” says Lance. “And this is such a great, and easy, opportunity for all of us to use social media for good. My charity, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, does more than good. They change the lives of kids and families all over the world, every single day.”

The Power of 2 is win-win-win: Both charities get a big check to support their great work, Emmanuelle and Lance have fun online conversations with their fans and colleagues, and fans get an opportunity to engage and support their favorite celebrity through an important social cause. Get social Twitter @PWROF2 and Facebook That’s the Power of 2.

May the best fundraiser win!

Donate at through June 14th!

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Earlier this month, Emmanuelle Chriqui visited Carson Senior High School to help celebrate the ribbon cutting of their new windmill that helps their school garden. This visit was a part of Emmanuelle’s work as an ambassador for the Environmental Media Association. I have just added 13 images from the event into our photo gallery!

Emmanuelle Chriqui Source Emmanuelle Chriqui Source Emmanuelle Chriqui Source Emmanuelle Chriqui Source Emmanuelle Chriqui Source
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Emmanuelle Chriqui recently wrote an article over at the Huffington Post about the Raise Hope for Congo campaign – read it below and watch the video too!

New York City Fashion Week is always filled with the latest styles, hottest designers and the who’s who in the fashion industry. So when Gen Art asked me to host its fashion show this spring, I saw it as an opportunity to promote emerging fashion artists, and support a cause that has been very close to my heart — the crisis in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa’s largest nation.

The humanitarian crisis in Congo is the deadliest since World War II and has claimed nearly 6 million lives. Armed groups compete for control over mines in Eastern Congo, and use rape and violence as a way to intimidate local communities. Women and girls are constantly at risk of attack, and little has been done to change this.

So, what does fashion have to do with the crisis in Congo? Well, everything. The fashion industry has always been on the cutting edge, setting new trends and breaking the mold that helps shape where society is going next. The Gen Art fashion show, which showcased up-and-coming designers, such as Zac Posen and Phillip Lim, benefitted the Enough Project’s Raise Hope for Congo campaign and included models sporting Congo t-shirts, which Sarah Hall of The Huffington Post said was the best thing that happened on a catwalk all week.

The fashion industry has long been recognized for identifying trends, and can play a powerful role in promoting social change. Gen Art CEO Marc Lottenberg recognized the growing activism movement for human rights in Congo and spotlighted the Raise Hope for Congo campaign during the Gen Art fashion show front and center. The link between the fashion world and human rights, though, goes beyond a single event and transcends the hustle and bustle of New York City Fashion Week.

This connection of us, as U.S. consumers, to the people of Congo can be traced to the smartphones and electronics in our pockets that are produced using conflict minerals sourced from eastern Congo. These minerals provide funding to armed groups and continue to fuel the rape and conflict inflicted on the local Congolese people.

It is time to bridge the gap between the suffering in Congo, and American consumers. We have the power to pressure companies to clean up their supply chains and not source from mines controlled by armed groups. We can demand that our electronics products be conflict-free.

The fashion industry has joined an emerging trend of activism for human rights in Congo that has recently taken hold and gained momentum across the country in the form of a conflict-free movement. The Raise Hope for Congo campaign has been at the forefront of this movement, working with states, cities, colleges and universities, and companies to spread awareness and create a shift toward electronics products that no longer fund violence in Congo.

Like fashion, technology is at the cutting edge and has significant impact within our own lives. Technology connects us and our ideas to our friends, family, and the world. So the last thing we want is for our electronics products to be a source of harm to women and girls in Congo. Help bring about change, and sign on to a petition from a Congolese activist asking Apple CEO Tim Cook to create conflict-free electronics products using minerals from eastern Congo. The people of Congo have suffered long enough. Join this latest trend in activism and become a sentinel for human rights and peace in Congo.

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Actress and long-time Raise Hope for Congo supporter Emmanuelle Chriqui opened up during an interview with Enough Project Co-founder John Prendergast about what moved her to take action on Congo human rights issues.

JOHN: What spoke to you about these human rights issues and inspired you to get involved?

EMMANUELLE: I heard you and your friend from Darfur, Omer Ismail, and your level of commitment and passion, and it literally moved me to tears. I think that’s what I was searching for. My personal wake-up call. And to be in a space that was intimate enough to really feel and understand what everybody was saying and to be affected by it. That was really the trigger point for me. What was most inspiring of all was the acknowledgment that there was a lot to learn. It wasn’t like from one day to the next, I suddenly would become this massive activist. I needed to learn about the issues. I knew that I was moved, but I needed to understand what was going on. I needed to learn how to speak about what’s going on. I can’t bite off more than I can chew. That was a tough one because initially when you get involved in activism, you feel as though you want to do more, that you’re not doing enough. I started to brainstorm and thought, “My creative side can really help in all of this.” So it continues to be this ongoing learning process that ebbs and flows. I’m at the point where I see the impact that we’ve already made, just in regard to Congo because that’s the issue I really stepped up behind. Stopping the violence against women and girls was something that really resonated with me. How fortunate am I to be a woman with so many freedoms?

JOHN: Where does your desire to become involved like this come from?

EMMANUELLE: I come from a great family where spirituality and awareness are really important. When I watched the film The Greatest Silence, I remember being amazed by the strength and courage of these women. And I remember that it was initially a massive driving force for me. Like a wake-up call. That feeling that even on a really bad day, I am one of the luckiest people on the planet. To watch the stories of the Congolese women, seeing how spiritual they are, their sense of community, and the support system that they create among themselves in their villages is mind- boggling to me. That’s the story that needs to be told. In the film, a woman told a story about the worst atrocities I’ve ever heard that can be done to a woman. She was one of the women who started the group of women speaking at that church, almost like a therapy session. Each and every woman spoke about forgiveness and the presence of God in her life. Forgiveness? Presence of God? These women had the worst things happen to them. It was just the biggest strength of character I have ever ever heard of. It makes everything else seem so trivial. We learn from these women.

JOHN: In terms of the Internet tools, what has the most potential for spreading the word?

EMMANUELLE: Getting people to sign and pass on the online pledges or letters or petitions is important. This is going to go to the president so let’s gather as many names as we can. I know that when we did that a few months back, we got thousands and thousands of names. It was so easy: “Take this and put it on your e- mail list. Write a letter to your representative from your heart.” That’s what I did. I wrote a letter from my heart basically saying I rarely do this. I am moved to do this. If you would take two minutes to follow these directions, you will be making such a huge step helping humanity. It’s so easy. It’s already organized for us. We just need to take the few minutes out of our days to start.

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Have you heard? We’re hosting a Style Challenge with Entourage star and JewelMint Guest Curator Emmanuelle Chriqui. Read more to find out how you can win a FREE JewelMint piece, plus a signed photo of Emmanuelle.

Entourage actress Emmanuelle Chriqui is curating a Style Challenge with JewelMint on Twitter! We’re challenging you to show us your most stylish outfit, inspired by Emmanuelle.

Want to win?
-Emulate Emmanuelle’s style by wearing a silver bracelet, and putting your own twist on her personal style (We encourage you to wear the Mumbai Bracelet like Emmanulle; right now 50% of the proceeds from this bracelet go to charity!)

-Take a photo and tweet it @jewelmint and include #stylechallenge

– Tweet us between August 30th and September 13th

-5 WINNERS will receive a FREE JewelMint piece plus a signed photo of Emmanuelle

-Winners will be announced September 14th on JewelMint’s Twitter

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emmanuelle chriqui Emmanuelle Chriqui wears her bracelet for a cause! The Entourage star teamed up with JewelMint, the jewelry collection designed by Kate Bosworth and stylist Cher Coulter, for the brand’s Celebrities Give Back initiative. With this project, Chirqui chose one piece from the JewelMint collection—the Mumbai Bracelet — and 50% of sales of her piece will be donated to Chriqui’s charity of choice, RAISE Hope for Congo, an organization dedicated to the protection of Congolese women and girls against the sexual violence. “Not only do I love the jewelry Kate and Cher create, but I admire that they are using their brand to give back,” Chriqui told exclusively.

The bracelet will be available for $29.99 (that includes shipping and tax) for a limited time only, starting today July 15th through September 15th. Find it online now at

Be one of the first to purchase the Mumbai bracelet, and receive a free, signed image of Emmanuelle Chriqui! Just make sure to click this link to go to

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