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January 14, 2023  •  Jennifer  •  Comments Off on Emmanuelle Chriqui on “Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum” Podcast  •  Interviews Videos

Emmanuelle Chriqui is a guest on this week’s episode of the podcast “Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum.” Emmanuelle Chriqui (Superman & Lois, Entourage) joins us this week and opens up on the pivotal moments that changed her life while also getting emotional reconciling the losses in her family. Emmanuelle was awesome this week!! She […]

March 2, 2022  •  Jennifer  •  Comments Off on “Entourage” Star Emmanuelle Chriqui Reveals Thoughts on Potential Cast Reunion  •  Interviews

Entourage star Emmanuelle Chriqui recently opened up and revealed her thoughts on participating in a cast reunion, should the opportunity arise. While speaking exclusively to, Chriqui offered an enthusiastic “yes” when asked if she’d ever want to reunite on-screen with her former castmates. “Yes. I mean that crew, they’re my brothers for life,” she […]

December 25, 2021  •  Jennifer  •  Comments Off on Emmanuelle Chriqui Shares Favorite Scene from “Superman & Lois” Season 1  •  Interviews TV Shows Videos

Emmanuelle Chriqui shares her favorite scene from Superman & Lois season 1! The second season premieres on January 11th on the CW.

July 29, 2020  •  Jennifer  •  Comments Off on Emmanuelle Chriqui Participates in the “On The Line” Virtual Reunion  •  Interviews Videos

Emmanuelle Chriqui participated in the virtual reunion with the cast of On The Line earlier this week. You can watch the reunion via YouTube on the embedded video below!

April 24, 2018  •  Jennifer  •  Leave a Comment  •  Interviews

Emmanuelle Chriqui recently conducted an interview with Jewish Journal. Here are some highlights, visit their website to read the whole interview: Chriqui set her sights on performing “at 3 or 4. I was such a little ham, always entertaining the family. From the moment I could talk I knew I was going to be an […]

April 24, 2018  •  Jennifer  •  Leave a Comment  •  Interviews Videos

Emmanuelle Chriqui recently discussed the recent split of her friends Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum with

April 24, 2018  •  Jennifer  •  Leave a Comment  •  Interviews Videos

Emmanuelle Chriqui was interview by and she talks about meeting original Wonder Woman Lynda Carter and group dinners with the cast of “Super Troopers 2”.

April 20, 2018  •  Jennifer  •  Leave a Comment  •  Interviews Videos

You can watch some red carpet interviews with Emmanuelle Chriqui from the premiere of “Super Troopers 2” from both Los Angeles and New York City! Emmanuelle Chriqui "Super Troopers 2" Los Angeles Premiere from on Vimeo. Emmanuelle Chriqui "Super Troopers 2" New York City Premiere from on Vimeo.

August 6, 2017  •  Jennifer  •  Leave a Comment  •  Gallery Updates Interviews

I have updated our photo gallery with 1,000+ screen captures of Emmanuelle Chriqui from a 2010 livestream interview and her appearance on “The Today Show” in 2014.

May 1, 2015  •  Jennifer  •  Leave a Comment  •  Entourage Interviews

When Entourage makes its silver screen debut on June 3rd, fans of the long-running HBO series are in for a treat. The film picks up where the show left off, chronicling the continuing career of movie star Vincent Chase, his merry entourage of hometown buddies and their perfectly imperfect antics. We sat down with the […]