Raise Hope For Congo

Emmanuelle has joined up to garner awareness about the conflict and its impact on women and girls in Congo. She signed on with the organization Raise Hope for Congo and wrote an essay about why she joined up with them.

Emmanuelle Chriqui RAISES Hope for Congo

Dear Friends,

A few weeks ago, I watched a documentary called “The Greatest Silence: Rape in the Congo,” about how rape is used as a weapon of war in the Congo, which has been the epicenter of the deadliest war since World War II. I was horrified by the stories of rape and violence that the women told, but I was also inspired by their stories of perseverance and strength. It seemed that, despite the seemingly endless cycle of suffering, these women still had hope for their families, their communities, and their country.

After learning more about what’s happening to women and girls in the Congo from the Enough Project, I decided to do what I can to stand in solidarity with these women and be an advocate for them. Just like so many people, I haven’t been to the Congo, and I’m not an expert on the country and its crisis. But as a woman, I feel a connection with these women and know that I live in a country where I can use my voice and advocate for their protection and empowerment.

So I’ve signed up for the Enough Project’s “RAISE Hope for Congo” campaign, which aims to end the conflict in the Congo and protect and empower Congolese women and girls. Over the next year, I plan to do what I can to raise awareness about the conflict and its impact on women and girls. I’m going to tell my friends about what’s happening to women in the Congo, hand out campaign postcards in my hometown, and do whatever I can to make sure that more people know about this crisis and take action. If each one of us does even just one thing to advocate for the women of Congo, we can make a huge impact.

So I hope you’ll join me in signing up for the RAISE Hope for Congo campaign. The women of the Congo need to know that they’re not alone.

Emmanuelle Chriqui