Character: Tyla

Directed by: Rob McKittrick

Written by: Rob McKittrick

Produced by: Jeff Balis, Stavros Merjos, Jay Rifkin, Adam Rosenfelt

Cast Members: Ryan Reynolds, Anna Faris, John Francis Daley

Released date: October 7, 2005

Genre: Comedy

Duration: 1 hour 43 minutes

Young employees at Shenaniganz restaurant collectively stave off boredom and adulthood with their antics.

→ Hungry for Laughs? (DVD)
→ If you don’t like it, beat it.
→ A comedy of massive portions
→ No one’s gonna make it big here.
→ This is not what I ordered.
→ Never F&@K with the people that serve you food!
→ Chicken flied steak, anyone?
→ What happens in the kitchen ends up on the plate.

Script developed by Never Enough Design