Ask Emmanuelle #1

In 2005, Emmanuelle was gracious enough to answer some questions that fans sent in through this website. Thanks to Mel for her work on getting this done! Read the Q&A below and maybe we’ll be able to do another one sometime soon! 😉

Annika, Germany
Question: You’ve made a lot of movies, but which one was the most fun to film?
Answer: I would say I had the most fun filming ‘Ricky 6’ and ‘Snow Day’. I made life-long friends on those movies and they were both on location, so I felt I was away at summer camp.
Question: When it comes to cosmetic, which is your favourite brand? Or which one do you think is the best?
Answer: My skin is really sensitive, so I try to use oil-free products. Also, I’m a big advocate of all-natural products. My fave is ‘UnPetroleum’ lip balm and ‘Alba’ shampoo and conditioner. I love ‘Nars Bronzer’ and L’Oreal ‘Blackest Black’ mascara.
Question: Which is the best book you have ever read?
Answer: I love to read – it’s hard to pick a fave. A few that come to mind are: I Know This Much Is True – Wally Lamb, White Oleander – Jane Fitch, Angels And Demons – Dan Brown, Ask And It Is Given: Learning To Manifest Your Desires – Esther and Jerry Hicks (a great new-age book) & The Alchemist: A Fable About Following Your Dream – Paulo Coelho (another beautiful new-age book).

Mel, Germany
Question: Do you get recognized in the streets a lot?
Answer: I never used to until recently – because of Entourage – now it happens pretty often…
Question: What was your craziest experience with a fan so far?
Answer: Thank God, I haven’t had any crazy experiences so far, just a lot of supportive, sweet letters.
Question: Which role from an already existing movie would you have loved to play?
Answer: I would have loved to have played Gweneth Platrow’s role in ‘Shakespeare In Love’, almost anything Kate Winslet has done (I love her!!), Selma Hayek’s role in ‘Frida’, Jennifer Connolly’s role in ‘Requiem For A Dream’. They are all fabulous actresses that I respect and admire. Their choices have been really solid…

Zach, USA
Question: In preparing for a role, are there any particular influences you draw on for inspiration?
Answer: My inpsiration changes all the time, depending on the role. For the film ‘Rick’, I modeled my character on someone I knew, not well, but whenever I saw her I just observed… Whatever my inspiration is, I try to make it as organic as possible.
Question: What qualities do you look for in selecting a role?
Answer: That’s a great question – thus far it has been difficult to be very selective, because the business demands star names etc. Over the years I’ve gained a lot of experience, but they are not necessarily roles I would do now… but at the time it was right for me to do them. Hopefully this year I will be able to really do the things I dream of: working with wonderful directors, producers and fellow actors. I really want to do a wonderfully written edgy role – something you’ve never seen me do before…
Question: What are the different challenges you find in playing a comedic or a dramatic character?
Answer: Dramatic acting comes more naturally. Comedic timing is a blessing and without it, it’s a lot of work.
Question: I can easily picture you playing a classical character in a movie or on the stage, and loved your turn in the film adaptation of the opera, “Rigoletto.” Do you fancy performing in more works that are derived from classic literature, in, say, something by Shakespeare, Jane Austen or a Greek drama?
Answer: I would LOVE to do a classical piece – an adaptation of Shakespeare’s would be #1 for me – that’s the theatre geek in me… anything classical if it resonated with me.
Question: Do you sing? Is there a style of music you particularly admire?
Answer: I wish I sang – I really do. I love R&B (new and old), Hip-Hop, Reggae… I love everything, but if you looked at my collection you’d see it was very R&B influenced.
Question: Are there any special skills you have that you would like producers and casting directors to be more aware of?
Answer: Hmmmm…. I can move – I’m not a trained dancer, but I have a lot of rhythm. I would love to dance in a movie actually – train for months, then show it off…
Question: What were you inspirations in becoming a performing artist?
Answer: I think I was born knowing I wanted to perform. When I was really young, like 3 or 4, I’d dance, sing and play the piano for the whole family.
Question: What would you say is the most physically demanding role you’ve undertaken thus far?
Answer: The most physically challenging role was in ‘Wrong Turn’. We had a trainer on set and we were running for almost 3 months straight – it was exhausting!
Question: Are there any causes close to your heart you would like to raise public awareness in?
Answer: There are a few causes:
01) Colon and Liver Cancer awareness – I lost my Mother to them…
02) Environmental issues – everything and anything – Mother Nature needs a lot of love.
03) Child Poverty – All over the world you find it – it’s criminal, because children are the future…
Question: Are there any dreams or aspirations you would like to share?
Answer: I tell you what, I’m living my dream right now. I feel so lucky to be able to do what I love! I dream about travelling the world and lending a hand to heal children everywhere. I aspire to become the best actress I can possibly be. I’d also love to have my own production company and make the films that matter – things like ‘City Of God’ and ‘Motorcycle Diaries’.

Matt, USA
Question: How did it feel watching your gruesome death scene in “Wrong Turn”, assuming that you did watch the completed movie?
Answer: I loved watching my death scene because it was completely fake, yet it looked so real – I was watching in awe…

“Thanks and all the very best to all of you!”
We would like to thank Emmanuelle for being so kind and replying to her fans’ questions. That’s awesome! Thanks also to everyone else involved, you know who you are. 🙂