Why We Love Her

Why do you love Emmanuelle Chriqui? Is it her smile, personality, acting, or something else? Please feel free to submit why you love Emmanuelle using the form below.


» Jennifer – I became a fan of Emmanuelle after seeing her in “Snow Day” and once I saw her in “100 Girls”, I was hooked. I think she’s an amazing actress and obviously very pretty… I have loved watching Emmanuelle’s career grow and I’m so proud of the success she has achieved – I wish her even more success in the future! She’s also a very sweet person to her fans, which is important to me and I’m proud to call myself an Emmanuelle fan.

» Brian – She is a amazing actress that needs the attention she deserves. I don’t think they have come even close to tapping her full potential as a actress. Not to mention that she is breath taking. I wouldn’t care what role she plays in I will always see the movie or show. At least I know that she will bring talent and beauty to the role. Please keep acting. Your number #1 fan.

» Veronica – Emmanuelle is so beautiful. Her style is amazing and her body is breath taking. No one can compare to her. I wish i looked as gorgeous as she does.

» Benaim – why do i love her…… not that its a difficult question, just she’s so amazing i don’t know what to stress on… i won’t mention any because it’d just take away from her perfection, so i’ll just say that i feel more of a connection because we share a very similar background so i can imagine her trials and tribulations and commend her for being so victoriously successful with her dream.

way to go girl!!!!

we love you!!!

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