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To help celebrate Emmanuelle’s upcoming episode of “Entourage” – which airs tonight – I have added captures from all her episodes of season 2 and one episode from season 3. Click on the thumbnails to see captures from each episode. We’ll have captures up from the newest episode after it airs. :biggrin:

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The trailer for Emmanuelle’s next film, “Cadillac Records” is now online! You can stream it below. The film will be released on December 5th. 😉

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According to, Emmanuelle is set to return to “Entourage” as Sloan – next Sunday – November 9! Check it out below:

10:29: Previews for next week: Uh-oh, Seth Green’s back and still yappin’ about Sloan (Emmanuelle Chriqui), who’s also back; confusion continues on the set of Smokejumpers, just as it does at Ari’s office with the Andrew Klein saga.

The episode is titled “Seth Green Day” and you can view more info at IMDB. We’ll have captures and clips from the episode after it airs. 😉

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I have created 40 LJ icons for the site today. You can check them out in the media archive. I’ll be working on adding some videos next, then of course more pictures. :tongue: You can click on the previews below to see all the icons that were added!

If you have any fan artwork that you want displayed on this site, please consider contacting me and I’ll add it! Full credit is always given and donations are greatly appreciated. 😉

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I have uploaded the first set of photos (both MQ and HQ) of Emmanuelle from public events. The years are from 2000-2004 – so there is a lot of really cool vintage stuff there! 😉 I will be working on adding events from 2005-2008 soon, so keep checking back for those.

Click on the thumbnails below to see all the photos…

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Welcome (back!) to, now called Emmanuelle Chriqui Source! We’re back on track and here to stay – sorry for the unexpected, and long, “hiatus” of sorts… During the time of the site’s closure, I moved over 500 miles away to attend school for photography and now that I’m done with school – I decided to re-open the site again! 😉

I want to thank Mel for the amazing work she did on the site in the beginning years! I now want to thank my buddy Qua for taking the reigns as my new co-web. Finally, I want thank my wonderful host, Gertie. In August, I lost control of this domain and thought for sure it wasn’t coming back, but Gertie saved it for me! So we all owe her a round of applause. :upsidedown:

Please take a look around the site – most of the content (information pages) is complete. Qua and I are still working on adding photos (I’ll be uploading throughout the weekend), media (videos are coming super soon!) and fan art to this site… But please come by again during the weekend to see what we have added! :biggrin:

Thank you for visiting us and return to again soon! :heart: