Esquire – 2006

Esquire Magazine
November 2006
By David Walters
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Emmanuelle Chriqui: Ms. Approachable

The other woman we love. Like her character on Entourage Emmanuelle Chriqui is stunning — but well within reach of the regular guy. Yeah, we’ll keep telling ourselves that.

To most actresses, true success comes on the heels of a breakout project — an opening-weekend box-office boom or a low-budget indie role that gets film dweebs buzzing about your chops. But for twenty-eight-year-old Emmanuelle Chriqui, it’ll come the day miniprofiles like this don’t require this sentence: It’s pronounced “Shrieky.”

She’s paid all the requisite dues: the flop (In the Mix), the cutting-room floor (A.I.), the horror flick (Wrong Turn), and the boy-band film (On the Line). That one she defends: “Do you know what a trip that was? Imagine going on tour with ‘N Sync when they were like the Beatles.” We don’t remember that exactly, but when dealing with someone like Chriqui, we’re not inclined to nitpick.

Her latest and most important role is Sloan, the Ideal Girlfriend on HBO’s Entourage: the standard of normalcy in a world full of affectation, but also a woman who’s willing to green-light a menage à trois with her boyfriend and a female friend.

Emmanuelle Chriqui’s success is developing like love itself. Slowly. Purposefully.

She’s on the verge. Us, too.