GQ Magazine
June 2008
Original Source
By Mark Kirby

Entourage actress Emmanuelle Chriqui stars in a GQ video and photo shoot so hot the Malibu police showed up

Emmanuelle Chriqui (rhymes with freaky) is having a hard time keeping a low profile these days. First, there are the Entourage fans who stop her on the street, asking whether her character, Sloan, will get back together with Eric when the show resumes this fall. Stop asking. “I’m like, ‘Talk to the writers!'” Then there was that weird encounter she had during her GQ photo shoot: “We were in a little park in Malibu. I’m topless, and this cop car pulls up.” What did the officer say? “‘Could you make sure that her areolas aren’t showing?'” (Sir, as you can see, they’re not.)

It’s all a little bit much for the 30-year-old actress, whose slow-but-steady film career takes off this month with Adam Sandler’s You Don’t Mess with the Zohan—a feel-good comedy with Hezbollah jokes. Chriqui’s character is a Palestinian immigrant who runs a hair salon in New York; the place is about to go under until she hires Sandler —a former Israeli assassin. He keeps the business afloat by offering “special services” (hint: we’re not talking perms) in the back room. So he’s giving sexual favors and you’re his pimp? “Basically,” she says, adding that the movie is about more than dumb laughs: “It’s very West Side Story.”