I have just added 375 screen captures into our photo gallery of Emmanuelle Chriqui from the 2011 movie “Elektra Luxx.”

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“Annie, of course, was just making me feel like a million dollars that day,” recalled actress Emmanuelle Chriqui on giving Adrianne Palicki a lap dance. Granted, they were on a set for the new indie movie Elektra Luxx but Chriqui smiled in reflecting about shooting the scene. “It was kind of a thing that came together,” she said, satisfied with the end result in the film. Chriqui also said it helped that the film’s director/writer, Sebastian Gutiérrez, knew what would help the sexy brunette cut loose while straddling Palicki’s tight midsection.

“Sebastian, for example, knows about me that I love to dance,” Chriqui said. “All you have to turn music on and I’m right there. He was like ‘Emm, do your thing’ and you could kind of celebrate that about me, which made it really safe.”

In the independent film, which opens this weekend in limited release, pregnant, retired porn star Elektra Luxx (played by Carla Gugino) is trying to reinvent herself but is blackmailed into seducing a woman’s fiancée. Elektra’s porn star buddy Holly Rocket (Palicki) and prostitute Bambi Lindberg (Chriqui) are on their own journey while vacationing in Mexico. In fact, Holly, who happens to be a bit dim and linguistically challenged, has a long-standing girl-crush on Bambi and tries to sabotage a double date with two men so perhaps the two ladies can truly be together.

But let’s get back to that lap dance, which even co-star Malin Ackerman (who does some lesbianish dabbling herself in Children’s Hospital) described as “Hot!” during the recent press junket in Los Angeles. Chriqui explained that because the shoot for the entire movie was only 15 days, there was not a lot of time for preparation for the sexy girl-on-girl dance.

“We worked it out on the day,” said Chriqui about grinding against a seated, welcoming Palicki in the sequence. “It was just basically [Sebastian] had this idea in his head [and] this is the part when it’s so nice to work with people who know you.”

In fact, Chriqui and Palicki had already worked together since Elektra Luxx is technically a sequel to Gutiérrez’s earlier (but little seen) film, Women In Trouble, which also starred Palicki, Chriqui, Gugino and Marley Shelton in the same roles. In that film, Holly was still crushing on Bambi but hadn’t quite realized it yet to act on her feelings. One good thing to come out of that experience was a shorthand that developed between Chriqui and Palicki, who will go from porn star to superhero when she takes on the role of Wonder Woman in the upcoming TV reboot. “We clicked right away,” said Chriqui. “It was one of those things that was incredibly meant to be.”

Chriqui admitted that the two actresses were, perhaps, too caught up in acting (and grinding) together and failed to figure out how good their chemistry was until they were off the set. “When we both saw Women In Trouble for the first time, we were both like ‘Oh my God! They are so cute!’ It was hilarious.”

Playing a dim bulb isn’t an easy task to pull off but Chriqui marveled at Palicki’s talents in playing the role of Holly. “She’s so brilliant in how she does it. When you’re acting with her, it just feels so real. It doesn’t feel over the top even though some of the things she says are so over the top. But she has this way of delivering it that you’re just absolutely in the moment.”

In the climactic scene in the Elektra Luxx, where Holly finally tells Bambi how she feels, Holly also delivers a speech about loving another person and staying away from labels of being gay, straight, bi, etc. Gutiérrez said his intention was to not make that speech a soap-boxy kind of thing.

“People should aspire to be non-judgmental,” he explained. “I think everything is actually OK if you’re not hurting somebody else so I didn’t want it to be about it [being] better to be gay than straight or lesbians are hip right now. It doesn’t matter. If I’m in love with you, I’m in love with you. It doesn’t matter what gender you are and I do believe that.”

Looking back, Gutiérrez almost seemed surprised that he gave such a smart speech to Holly, who, on first glance, is the most dim of all the film’s characters. “In retrospect, it’s interesting to give that to a character who’s not supposed to be so smart. In a way, she is an innocent child. She’s saying, ‘Hey, we’ll figure it out’ and I think that’s romantic. You think why not? It could be great. In [Holly’s] world, it’s like that.”

Chriqui is also featured in Gutiérrez’s next project, an internet film called Girl Walks Into A Bar, which was produced exclusively for internet distribution and will be available for viewing for free on YouTube (with a sponsorship with Lexus) beginning March 11. In that film, Chriqui plays a stripper and spent a lot of time researching the part.

“I would be working at a strip club for 10 hours with real strippers and porn stars and you just kind of get into conversations,” she said. “I think all that stuff, whether you like it or not, you get a taste of it but …it wasn’t active homework, so to speak.” The actress, who will also be featured on the upcoming final season of HBO’s hit series Entourage, said that the street world is a place that has always fascinated her. “I remember when I was living in Vancouver, it is so overt. The street life is in your face. Crackheads, heroin addicts, prostitutes — it’s right there.”

One shocking thing to her was the gorgeous women who were a part of this dark underbelly. “I remember always being fascinated seeing these beautiful young girls just hooking on the streets. I was like, ‘Why are they there? Why aren’t they modeling or why aren’t they working in a club somewhere? There is an alternative so why?’ I think that’s always fascinating and Sebastian uses this as a really interesting backdrop for these women but at the end of the day we’re just learning about these women who just happen to be porn stars and strippers and dancers and all the rest.”

In fact, while shooting Elektra Luxx, Palicki was the one who noticed a spark that shone from her dark-haired co-star and even commented on it, according to Chriqui. “Annie, in the scenes, looked at me and said ‘You like this. You’re getting used to this.’ Is that true? Those little moments and I think that’s what great about what Sebastian writes. It makes you think.”


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ComingSoon.net talked exclusively to Carla Gugino, Malin Akerman and Emmanuelle Chriqui about starring in writer/director Sebastian Gutierrez’s Elektra Luxx, opening in theaters on March 11.

In the film, recently retired adult film superstar Elektra Luxx (Gugino) is pregnant with the child of late rock star Nick Chapel. She is trying to make ends meet by teaching a community college sex education class aimed at housewives when a figure from her past, flight attendant Cora (Marley Shelton), approaches her with a proposition. In exchange for the (stolen) lyrics to Nick Chapel’s last record, all of which is about Elektra, Cora needs Elektra to seduce her fiancee. Elektra reluctantly agrees to do this favor, setting in motion a series of hilarious events which will see her come face to face with detectives, sex bloggers, emotionally unstable neighbors and the Virgin Mary herself as she wrestles with the prospect of motherhood and tries to become a person of substance.


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Last night was the premiere of “Elektra Luxx” in Los Angeles and Emmanuelle Chriqui was in attendance! I have just added 121 photos of her from the event into our photo gallery.

Also, during Oscar week, Emmanuelle was at the Interview Magazine Honors David O. Russell event and I have added 6 photos from that event as well.

Emmanuelle Chriqui Source Emmanuelle Chriqui Source Emmanuelle Chriqui Source Emmanuelle Chriqui Source
Emmanuelle Chriqui Source Emmanuelle Chriqui Source Emmanuelle Chriqui Source Emmanuelle Chriqui Source
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I have just added 26 HD screen captures of Emmanuelle Chriqui from the trailer for “Elektra Luxx” into our photo gallery!

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The trailer for “Elektra Luxx” has just been released! The movie will be released on March 11, 2011.

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The first poster from “Elektra Luxx” featuring Emmanuelle Chriqui has been released today! Em looks so amazing! :heart:

The film will be released on March 11th.

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Myriad Pictures will commence international sales in Cannes on Elektra Luxx, Sebastian Gutierrez’s comedy follow-up to Women In Trouble.

The film recently premiered at SXSW and stars Carla Gugino, Timothy Olyphant, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Malin Akerman, Adrianne Palicki, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Kathleen Quinlan, Marley Shelton and Lucy Punch.

The story chronicles the ongoing misadventures of porn star Elektra Luxx (Gugino), now pregnant, as she tries to segue into a normal existence.

Gutierrez wrote, directed and produced Elektra Luxx. CAA broked the deal for Gutierrez with Myriad vice-president of production Amanda Blue.

“We thoroughly enjoyed working with Sebastian on Women In Troubleand are very happy to be handling Elektra Luxx as well,” Myriad president and CEO Kirk D’Amico said. “He has assembled an absolutely amazing cast.

“Carla Gugino is just spectacular as Elektra. She portrays her character with such sweetness and humour it’s a pure joy to watch. We are really looking forward to presenting this film to buyers in Cannes.”

From Screen Daily

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“Elektra Luxx” is the second entry in a planned trilogy from filmmaker Sebastian Gutierrez. “Women in Trouble,” the first in the trilogy, premiered at South By Southwest last year and “Elektra” followed suit this year. The first movie followed a large group of women in Los Angeles who were either hiding or discovering secrets in their lives. The follow-up narrows the focus somewhat, to the titular porn actress (played by Carla Gugino) and how an unexpected pregnancy brings complications into her life.

MTV’s Josh Horowitz sat down with stars Malin Akerman and Emmanuelle Chriqui in Austin during SXSW and he asked them about the experience of shooting a movie with such a strong cast of female performers.

“[It’s] exciting on so many levels,” Chriqui said. “Exciting because, yes it’s empowering, it’s all us women. But we’re also really close friends that have sort of met along the years in the business. So with all our crazy schedules, to come together and to be able to do something that you can really sink your teeth into and celebrate each other is, to me, one of the best parts of doing what we do.”

Akerman echoed her co-stars words, expressing nothing but praise for the film’s director. “Sebastian has a knack for writing great roles for women,” she said. “He’s such a good writer, such a good director and has this ability to get amazing women together to star in his films. So it’s just so amazing to be a part of this project.”

In addition to Gugino, Akerman and Chriqui, “Elektra Luxx” also features the talents of Adrianne Palicki (“Friday Night Lights”), Marley Shelton (“Grindhouse”) and Christine Lakin. There are also a few guys in the movie, including two who add some more star power to the cast: Timothy Olyphant and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. There’s no wide release date yet for “Elektra Luxx,” but keep checking MTV.com for the latest updates.

From MTV

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