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Hey everyone! First, I want to apologize for my absence recently. I have been adjusting to starting a new job and finishing up my academic career, so my fan sites had to take a back seat for a few months. I’m now trying to play catch-up and get things back on track. I have updated […]

September 25, 2017  •  Jennifer  •  Leave a Comment  •  Gallery Updates Public Events

I have just added 143 HQ and MQ images into our photo gallery of Emmanuelle Chriqui from the 2017 EMA Awards that she attended on Saturday!

June 19, 2012  •  Jennifer  •  Leave a Comment  •  Charity Interviews

Actress and EMA Young Hollywood Board member Emmanuelle Chriqui recently partnered with Green Works to bring awareness to The Reverse Graffiti Project, an epic urban cleaning initiative that reaches beyond the surface. Armed with the plant-based Green Works products, Japanese muralist Mr. Kiji transformed a busy (and very dirty) LA underpass into a beautiful work […]

June 2, 2012  •  Jennifer  •  Leave a Comment  •  Charity News Videos

Emmanuelle Chriqui is one of the celebrities supporting The Reverse Graffiti Project. Check out what the project is about and a video featuring Emmanuelle below! Reverse graffiti, or “clean tagging,” is a method of creating art by removing dirt and grime from a filthy surface. This unique art form taps into the Green Works mantra […]

March 6, 2012  •  Jennifer  •  Leave a Comment  •  Charity Gallery Updates Public Events

Earlier this month, Emmanuelle Chriqui visited Carson Senior High School to help celebrate the ribbon cutting of their new windmill that helps their school garden. This visit was a part of Emmanuelle’s work as an ambassador for the Environmental Media Association. I have just added 13 images from the event into our photo gallery!

April 23, 2011  •  Jennifer  •  Leave a Comment  •  Charity Interviews

Emmanuelle Chriqui is one celeb making green the hottest color around! That said, the Entourage actress does admit she’s not eco-perfect… Tell us about the work you’re doing with the Environmental Media Association. I am a member of the EMA Young Hollywood Board, which is a group of actors, actresses and musicians who are working […]

July 10, 2010  •  Jennifer  •  Leave a Comment  •  Charity Website

I took the time tonight to update and expand the charity page on this site! Emmanuelle is actively involved in three charities, so please take the time to visit and support the following: Raise Hope For Congo Environmental Media Association Somaly Mam Foundation