03.31.2020 New Look!

I want to welcome everyone to the new design at Emmanuelle Chriqui Source! The website will is celebrating 16 years online in 2020, so I thought a new layout would be the perfect way to celebrate this milestone. Thank you to all of our visitors for supporting the website all these years. I also want to send an extra special thank you to Emmanuelle for her support of this fan site over the years! I am honored to call myself a fan and am proud that this website has been a source for fans all over the world.

You will notice the new layout here on the main site as well as the photo gallery. The amazing header was made by EDGE Design and the great theme is by Kaci.

Thanks for sticking with emmanuelle-chriqui.com since 2004! Here’s to many more years!

Emmanuelle Chriqui Source
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07.24.2012 New Layouts

We have a brand new layout here at Emmanuelle Chriqui Source and at our photo gallery!

Feel free to leave your thoughts on the new look in the comments section of this post. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @Chriqui_Source and “Like Us” on Facebook!

Emmanuelle Chriqui Source
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07.08.2011 New Design

We have a new design here at Emmanuelle Chriqui Source! It was time for a new look and with “Entourage” returning in a couple weeks, what better time to spruce up the website?! If you’re not seeing the new design, please refresh your browser.

This layout was designed by Luciana and features photos from the “Entourage” photo shoot that was released last year.

Feel free to leave your thoughts on the new layout and let me know if you encounter any errors.

emmanuelle chriqui source
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Thanks to my wonderful friend Samantha, we have a brand new design over at the photo gallery!

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Welcome to the brand new version of Emmanuelle Chriqui Source! This fabulous layout was created by Mycah and has been in the works for a couple months, I hope that you all enjoy it as much I do! :heart:

There is also a new version at the photo and media archives too!

Please feel free to leave your thoughts and/or any errors you come across in the comments section of this post.

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