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Emmanuelle is definitely going to be coming back to “Entourage” to reprise her role as Sloan in the upcoming season! :biggrin: Check out the article below in which Em discusses it!

It sounds like a rekindled romance between E and Sloan is a definite possibility in the next season on Entourage.

“We are back in each other’s lives,” says Emmanuelle Chriqui, who plays daddy’s little rich girl Sloan opposite Kevin Connolly as E. “I do know that we become friends first.”

First, huh? Could it be friends with benefits, perhaps? “Maybe,” Chriqui says with a laugh.

Last season, E asked Sloan for her help in trying to sign Seth Green to a sitcom he was putting together for Charlie (Bow Wow). Vincent Chase & Co. start shooting Entourage’s sixth season in March. “We’re going to get to know [Sloan] the most, probably, in this season,” Chriqui says.

And it was just announced today that the Montreal native has been cast in 13, a gritty drama flick in which she plays a wife who finds her heroin-addicted husband OD-ing in a bathtub.

And talk about an entourage. The ensemble piece also features newly minted Golden Globe winner Mickey Rourke, 50 Cent and Jason Statham, among others. In other words, don’t mess with Ms. Chriqui. She boasts, “I’ve got a good posse growing here.”

From E! Online

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