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In an interview with ComingSoon.net, Carla Gugino gave some new information about the online film “Girl Walks Into a Bar”!

It will be released on March 11th (the same day as “Elektra Luxx” – which Emmanuelle is also in) and will be available on YouTube only!

And then there’s a movie called “Elektra Luxx,” which is a sequel to “Women in Trouble.” I play a porn star called Elektra Luxx. That’s on March 11th and also on March 11th is a movie called “Girl Walks Into a Bar,” which we did with YouTube. It will be the first feature film ever to sort of premiere online with Rosario Dawson and Josh Harnett, Danny DeVito, Emmanuelle Chriqui and myself. A really great group of people. We shot it in 11 days, so it was really cool.

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