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Emmanuelle Chriqui is one of those rare celebrities who are truly beautiful inside and out.

The Canadian-born actress (who’s best known for her roles in Entourage and The Mentalist) has been deemed “sexiest celeb” and “most beautiful woman” by several publications, so it seems like a beauty deal would be inevitable. But Chriqui was extremely selective in choosing which beauty campaign to front.

Her decision? Mineral Fusion, a natural cosmetics brand committed to creating naturally effective, healthy and safe personal care products while contributing to the well-being of the community.

And in case you needed more proof that Chriqui is not just a pretty face: she’s also a supporter for sustainable and green living, an advocate against domestic violence towards women, and an activist for human rights in Congo. (We’d be a little jealous if we weren’t so impressed!)

Fresh from wrapping up Cleaners, a web series by Sony Picture’s Crackle where she plays a “kick-ass, bad-ass female assassin”, Chriqui stopped by the MSN Canada offices to spill her beauty secrets and teach us about living a more sustainable life:

styleswept: What made you decide to partner with Mineral Fusion?
Emmanuelle Chriqui: Mineral Fusion is just a brand that I really believe in and am incredibly impressed by. They really walk the walk and talk the talk. I’m naturally just a very conscious person – environmentally and otherwise. I eat organically and I’m very careful about what I put into my body. And when I met up with Mineral Fusion I was so impressed by their products and what they were all about that it just seemed like an absolute no-brainer to partner up together.

SS: Why is a green conscious lifestyle important to you?
E.C.: It’s important to me because we all have a responsibility. I think it should be important to everybody. I think some people feel that it’s not happening to them or something, and it is. And we are in a giant crisis…and soon we might not have planet earth to live on, so I really think this should be really important to everybody. We were talking about this earlier…ignorance is bliss. And when you start to learn about things, you can’t forget them. It almost haunts you. So, you know, it’s been a journey for me, and a really super enlightening one, but I’m far down the road. I couldn’t turn back at this point.

SS: When did you start this living this “green” lifestyle?
E.C.: About five to six years ago did I really go out of my way [to be eco-friendly]. You know my car…I drive a Prius. When I bought my place, I did it all environmentally[-friendly]…all of my paints were toxic-free, my mattress is made of non-toxic fibres, my rug is 100 per cent recycled… everything in my place could be recycled or came from recycled [products]. Nothing was purchased brand-new. I also recently installed a water system for my house so I’m not using plastic bottles.

SS: If people want to start living green, what is your advice?
E.C.: Don’t be overwhelmed. Start by just examining your everyday habits. So start small. When you leave the house, turn the lights out. Turn off the air conditioning. When you’re brushing your teeth, turn off the water. Don’t let it run. You don’t need to let your shower run for five minutes in the morning when you’re going in – unnecessary. It gets hot in three seconds! Recycle! [Something] that I do because it smells better and it’s just better for your health overall is [use green cleaning supplies]. I love Mrs. Meyers [products]. They’ve got lemon verbena and lavender [scents]…it’s amazing and it’s yummy!. Another really easy thing to do…your toilet paper, your Kleenex, your paper towel….go get seventh generation, or something that’s recycled.

The statistics are so astounding. We use more paper in North America than India. If India started using as much paper as we do, there’d be no more trees left on the planet. There are staggering, true statistics, that’s why I’m like, “No, no. EVERYBODY needs to do their part!”

But people also choose not to [know these things]. Ignorance is bliss! It’s like “Oh, you know what? I’m fine. I love my Charmin puffy, soft paper!” But you need to do your part! I don’t want to be preachy… it took me forever. And you might never be a green-green person, but eventually you’re just going to have to do the minimum.

SS: You also said that you eat organic. Could you tell us more about your diet?
E.C.: [My diet is] 75-80 per cent organic, and everything that I buy for my house is 100 per cent organic. I’m really picky…if I’m out and I’m eating meat, I can’t just eat chicken from wherever anymore. Instead, I’ll opt for a vegetarian meal. Or, if I know that it’s grass-fed beef or organic chicken, then I’ll eat it. Of course, sometimes I cheat, because sometimes it smells so good or I’m starving, but generally that’s my rule of thumb.

Let me say, by the way, I have leaps and bounds to go! I enjoy my life, very much. But I also really enjoy [this lifestyle]. It’s become a passion.

SS: Let’s go back to beauty. What are some of your favourite products from Mineral Fusion?
E.C.: Some of my go-tos for every day are the pressed powder foundation and the black eyeliner. The “Creation” blush is another favourite, and the concealer is great. And then they have AMAZING nail colours! [Ed. Note: Emmanuelle was wearing Glint of Mint, a gorgeous minty green with one accent sparkle nail]. They have amazing taupes and just some beautiful nudes and some really bright, fun colours. And I’m obsessed with the shampoo and conditioner. I simply cannot use anything else. It’s THAT good.

SS: Can you walk us through your everyday beauty routine?
E.C.: I’m really very super-low maintenance. I don’t fuss a lot. So I shower, [put my] hair up in a ponytail, throw on a pair of jeans and just do the concealer, a little bit of my pressed foundation in the t-zone, some mascara, some eyeliner, bronzer, and my lips. Boom. Done.

SS: What’s your favourite look for the red carpet?
E.C.: I’m generally the smokey eyes and the light lip. I feel most comfortable that way. I love to pop my eyes and I love to put eyelashes on.

SS: Have you ever experimented with a bold lip?
E.C.: I have…and I like it sometimes. I have to be in a mood to do it. Otherwise, I’m just like…ugh. And I find it drying! So I just don’t feel comfortable…it smears and just…no.

SS: You have beautiful skin! What is your secret?
E.C.: Aww…thank you! My secret is really not doing very much. I only use a moisturizer when I’m feeling dry…otherwise I don’t use it because I’m naturally very oily. I use an eye cream. I use the [Mineral Fusion] facial mist…it’s hydrating and so yummy. It’s so good. That’s really it! I just keep my face real clean.

SS: What is the best beauty advice you’ve ever been given?
E.C.: If you’re not comfortable, don’t wear it! I think it shows. Whether it’s clothes, whether it’s on your face…whatever it is, if you’re not comfortable in it, take it off!

Mineral Fusion is available at Whole Foods, Loblaw and London Drugs.

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