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Emmanuelle Chriqui is a contradiction in terms: She recently returned from the former Soviet Union, where she filmed a starring role in Renny Harlan’s politically charged recreation of the Russian invasion of “Georgia,” but Emmanuelle was most recently seen on the big screen as a pregnant porn star in the SXSW-debuted indie “Electra Luxx.” Perhaps […]

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Livestream will be hosting a live chat at on Sunday 11 PM ET with Entourage star Emmanuelle Chriqui, who plays Eric’s fiancee Sloane. The boys are back for a seventh season and what better way to commemorate the season premiere? Watch live streaming video from entourage at livestream.com

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Entourage fans don’t confine their support of the HBO hit to Sunday nights at home – just ask star Emmanuelle Chriqui. She recently chatted with USA TODAY’s Arienne Thompson and revealed that viewers frequently come up to her to offer opinions on her character Sloan’s up-and-down relationship with new fiance E (Kevin Connelly). “People are […]

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Emmanuelle Chriqui has a rare quality in a rising star: She sounds genuinely humble. Upon hearing her strong showings in the Best of Montreal’s Most Desirable Woman and Best Actress categories, she’s delighted: “I’m always surprised by this kind of thing. It’s lovely. I’ve been acting since I was seven, and it’s always been about […]

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Amy Smart, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Jamie-Lynn Sigler and eco-fashion designers Alexx Jae & Milk dish on their fashion advice for staying chic and eco. From their favorite brands to easy ways to be environmentally friendly, watch our video to find out how Hollywood celebrities are doing their part to go green!

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Movie Trailers – Movies Blog “Elektra Luxx” is the second entry in a planned trilogy from filmmaker Sebastian Gutierrez. “Women in Trouble,” the first in the trilogy, premiered at South By Southwest last year and “Elektra” followed suit this year. The first movie followed a large group of women in Los Angeles who were either […]